Unless you really hate where you’re working, walking in and resigning can be very stressful. Why?

1-Maybe you’ve never quit a job before

2-You’ve only been there a short time, but realize it’s not the place for you.

3- You’ve been with the company for a long time, and have developed friendships with co-workers.

4-Maybe you’re afraid of how your boss will react.

Resigning is like breaking up with someone.  There are right and wrong ways to do it.

Tell your boss before anyone else.  No matter how much your trust your colleagues to keep a secret, you need to inform your immediate supervisor first.  No boss wants to hear that you are quitting through the grapevine.  Giving notice is good news for you, but it’s creating a stressful situation for your boss, so it needs to be done in person.  Telling your supervisor via email or text is a no no.  It’s best to schedule a 15 minute conversation so that your boss can process the news and talk through the next steps.  Keep the conversation concise and positive.   Strive to be professional and courteous when delivering the news.

Be professional and never “burn a bridge”.  Until you pack up your desk and it’s your last day, you’re still an employee of the company.  If you are leaving during a busy time, try to give three weeks notice instead of two (if possible).  Be helpful and assist with the transition of workload.

Stay off of social media.  Do not update your profiles on LinkedIn /Facebook or any other site until the 1st day of your new job. Don’t rush to get onto Facebook and write how thankful you are to be done with that job (even though it might be true).  It looks bad.   It’s unprofessional to bad mouth your former employer.

Say thanks.  Sending your boss a note expressing your gratitude for the experience will go a long way.  An attitude of gratitude is an important trait to develop.  You never know when your paths might cross again.