No one knows exactly what the business world would be like without the influence of recruiters, but one thing’s for sure; sometime in your career, you’ll either receive a call from a recruiter, or initiate contact yourself. In either case, you should learn how to work with them effectively, and take full advantage of the many benefits their service provides.
  • Recruiters provide strategic career guidance, history on the company and the position that you are interviewing for, resume writing, and suggestions on navigating the interview process.
  • A Recruiter can help improve your interview skills. Job seekers who use the services of a recruitment firm are better prepared for job interviews and have the inside scoop about the company and department, as well as the expected skills that the hiring manager desires in a candidate.  Because your recruiter has probably worked with the hiring manager and the company on prior placements, your recruiter will very likely know specific questions and topics your interviewers will ask during your meeting.
  • A Recruiter who specializes in your industry will promote your strengths and assets to the employer. The recruiter will also help the hiring Manager meeting you to connect the dots between your work experience and the open position.
  • Recruiters have access to positions not yet advertised or posted on the internet. Sometimes companies prefer to keep some openings out of view to the general public.  They do this for various reasons, but if you don’t have access to these jobs or know they exist, you certainly can’t interview for them.
  • A Recruiter can provide great insights about trends in your field and in your market, as well as provide a information on salary trends of how much you should be earning.